Hey Ladies! Hateful Warmonger Now Single, Ready To "Doctor" Your "Intelligence"

It's not like she was fixing his socks anyway

World Bank head, Iraq War architect, and overall creep Paul Wolfowitz is back on the dating scene. Rumor has it that he and longtime girlfriend Shaha Riza have split up.

The relationship had hit its bumps before: when they first started dating, there was talk of conflict of interest because he was then Deputy Secretary of Defense and she was working for the World Bank. Also, his band of security goons annoyed her neighbors. There's no word on why they're breaking up, but one might presume that dating Paul Wolfowitz eats your soul out from the inside. Fortunately, there is no messy divorce settlement to work out, as earlier rumors that they had married turned out to be based on confusing hippie street theater.

Anyway, be on the look out for someone on Match.com who lists his profession as "bank president" and doesn't put up a picture. For everyone who ever wanted to date a war criminal, this is probably your best chance now that Milosevic is dead.

Wolfowitz, Riza call it quits [Examiner; fourth item]


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