Hey Look, It's Another Reporter Telling Us This Race Will Get Nasty!


D'you ever notice how our journalistic reporters such asMark Halperin spend a full week, every week, telling us about how "nasty" the campaigns are going to get in the next week, and then the next week comes and no one cares because the "nasty" attacks are basically the same shit as usual, and then the cycle starts again with an EVEN BIGGER FOREBODING DRUDGE SIREN? Mmhmm.

We've read McCain's current HARDEST LANGUAGE YET and it's just, uh, that he is a Maverick who voted to regulate Fannie and Freddie 800 years ago, whereas Obama simply, what, plays basketball with his Chicago bomb friends? My heavens, this election bears the marks of a horserace!

So don't bother reading this **ESSENTIAL READING** that some campaign communications aide distributed to reporters as **ESSENTIAL READING** knowing full well that they'd just crap it out wholesale onto their MSM blogs.

[The Page]


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