Hey Look, Now We Know Why Dick Cheney Is A Psychotic Psycho!

According to a new book from the RacistNew Yorker's Jane Mayer, Dick Cheney became the leading hawk in the White House after 9/11 because he thought the terrorists had successfully poisoned him with anthrax: "On Oct. 18, 2001, a White House alarm went off indicating that sensors had detected dangerous levels of radioactive, chemical or biological agents. According to Mayer, anyone who had entered the White House situation room, including Cheney, had been exposed. 'They thought Cheney was already lethally infected,' said a former administration officer who had kept the White House secret until now, according to the book." Seven years after the scare, and hypochondriac Dick Cheney still cannot defeat each individual Muslim germ that he pretends is killing him. [ABC News]


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