'Hey Mom That Guy In the Produce Looks Kind of Like President Obama!'


Not even the standard American grocery store is safe from do-gooder produce fanatic Barack Obama and his "town halls," which now apparently take place at the only non-drive-thru buildings where the Citizens can be expected to show up with any regularity.

According to White House photographer Pete Souza's official Tumblr on Flickr.com, Obama wasn't really shrunken down and then inserted between the produce bins at the Kroger's supermarket in Bristol, Virginia. Instead, presumptuously fit & trim President Barry is lecturing some trolls who wandered into the vegetable & fruit section after being told there was a donut giveaway.

And then, after all the retired trolls on the Medicare waved their troll guns at the scary black man and ran back to their double-wides, Barack Obama took the "public option" and ate this peach (or nectarine) and then wiped his hands on the neck of an Old Person, "accidentally" strangling the teabagger in the process. Death Panels can happen anywhere! [White House Flickr]


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