Hey, Remember This Guy?

A young Bill Clinton, a middle-aged George Bush and ... well, hello little fellow! What did you have to say about the world, way back in 1992. Oh, it's not a good idea to export all of America's working-class jobs to China?

And you say Republicans and Democrats conspire to do so anyway, even though they know it destroys the working class and a big chunk of the middle class and leaves the already-wrecked inner cities even more wrecked and desperate?

Why, that's crazy talk! What could possibly go wrong by transferring food production and manufacturing to Communist China? Okay, here's some more Ross from back in the day:

Here, Ross explains how foreign lobbyists like Fred Thompson have SOLD AMERICA DOWN THE RIVER or something. And Bush 41 admits it.

He'll take the pledge! Plus, he makes the charts! HE MAKES THE CHARTS!

Ross Perot 1992 [YouTube]


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