Hey, Scott, Could You Remind Me Which Way We're Headed?

Legal Fiction discovers WH spokesman Scott McClellan's favorite direction (all quotes from August 9 press briefing):

Iraq is a sovereign nation now. They're moving forward on building a free and peaceful and stable future.

And as we move forward on capturing or bringing to justice al Qaeda members, we need to keep that in mind.

First of all, the economy is moving forward.

The economy is moving forward, and we're not turning back.

The President was pleased to go and speak to the UNITY Conference and talk to them about his record in office and his agenda moving forward.

And he was pleased to go there and talk about that, and talk about his agenda as we move forward and build upon that record.

He said that he would be moving forward on [the 9/11 Comm. recommendations] in the coming days with some presidential directives. There's no update at this point, in terms of those directives, but we are continuing to move forward in a quick and responsible manner. We have already moved forward in one way or another on 36 of 41 of the 9/11 Commission's recommendations. And we are continuing to move forward on the additional recommendations that build upon the reforms that this administration has already put in place.

Oh, we're not done yet. . .

So we've made significant strides, and the President welcomes these recommendations and we're continuing to move forward in a quick and responsible manner. It's important that we carefully and seriously consider these recommendations and how we implement them as we move forward. And we'll be working with Congress closely on that. Members of Congress are already move forward on it, as well.

I said, he believes this is the right policy and he's committed to continuing to move forward on exploring the promise and potential of stem cell research.

And so he came up with this well thought out policy [on stem cells] that allowed the federal government to move forward for the first time.

Our economy is moving forward, but there's more work to do.

And the President will be move forward with more details about [the National Intelligence Director] as we work through some of the specifics.

And the international community recognizes that we cannot afford to let Iran move forward on a nuclear -- on building nuclear weapons.

[W]e're working very closely with Pakistan as we move forward to defeat the enemies and defeat the terrorists that are in Pakistan and along that Afghan-Pakistan border.

We'd suggest getting him a thesaurus for Christmas, but something tells me he might have a new job by then. . .


Press Briefing by Scott McClellan, August 9, 2004 [WhiteHouse.gov]


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