Hey Starbucks! Apes Don't Drink Coffee!

starcup.jpgRemember Joe magazine, Starbucks' failed attempt at The New Yorker? (Or maybe it was Starbucks' too-accurate impression of Talk...) Via Political Wire, we see that Starbucks is back with a magazine on a cup. The goal: old-fashioned coffeehouse discourse. Here's a selection of emails reader/drinkers have sent Starbucks in response to the "thoughts, opinions and expressions provided by notable figures" now appearing on its cups:

"I've read several 'The Way I See It' messages on cups and so far they have all forwarded a liberal viewpoint. I hope in the future Starbucks chooses to balance these messages with a conservative viewpoint or this loyal Starbucks customer may be looking for another brand to support."

"The way I see it, Starbucks is now pushing ever more than before toward the left and becoming more outspoken. It is making it clearer every day that it is increasingly for the destruction of family values and virtues."

"To be completely frank, I don


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