Hey, Who's That Lurking In The Background?

For anyone who has ever wondered just how much Michael Moore hates America, or how secretly Communist/totalitarian Barack Obama supporters are, one need look no further than a few key photographs culled from top-secret locations such as funerals and campaign headquarters. For example, did you know that the Muslim Hezbollahs worship at the feet of our fattest American director, Mr. Michael "Sicko" Moore?

cheezburga cheezburga cheezburga

It's true! Here they are at the funeral of their great leader Imad Mughniyeh and look whose photo they post in the background. Next, observe the flag festooning the walls of Barack F. Kennedy-Obama's Houston headquarters:

Not pictured: Bong, hackysack

It's too bad these people aren't proud of their country, but they'll be deported by President Lou Dobbs soon enough.

Intelligence chief blames militant's death on Hezbollah or Syria [CNN]

Che Guevara Flags in Obama's Houston Office [Little Green Footballs]


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