Hideous Blue Jacket Secret Source of Hillary's Power?


Local fashion blogger D.C. Pleats first caught Hillary wearing this particular jacket last Friday. We don't know shit about clothes, as we don't even wear pants most of the day, so we'll let them take care of the criticism:

This blue is OK, but I totally don't understand the French cuffs or the Mandarin-style collar. The worst part? The texture. What is that? It kind of makes me a little seasick to look at it. She's at a college, wouldn't you think she'd choose something a little more youthful? And this jacket hits her at all the wrong places, making her look more hippy than she clearly is. Three buttons and darts are a bad idea, Hill.

Uh... sure! We just think it looks like shit, personally. So, of course, Hillary wore it two more times within the week.

We're forced to conclude that she continues wearing it for reasons more sinister than mere coincidence, focus group testing, or laundry cycles. After all, there are myths across all eras and civilizations of apparel that gives the wearer mystical powers. From the the heavenly garments the Kharites clothed Aphrodite in to the black suit of the newest installment of the Spider-man films, magic clothes have been a staple of hack writers for generations. Surely Hillary would not be wearing this terrible jacket if it didn't imbue her with the power of... uh... flight? Mind control?

It could just be the laundry thing, too.

Seriously, She Wore It AGAIN! [D.C. Pleats]


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