High Fidel

you wanna piece of this?Conservatives who think Bush's proposed increase in the NEA budget means that he's gone commie will be relieved to hear that he still wants to murder Fidel Castro. That is, according to Castro. "'We know that Mr. Bush has committed himself . . . to assassinate me," said Castro, whose comments appeared at "the end of a 5½ hour speech that began Thursday night and continued into early Friday." According to the Miami Herald, Castro "didn't back up his accusations with specific details." Right. The details will come in a 14 hour speech. (Don't rush!)

"I can die a natural death or I can die a planned death," Castro said. `"It really doesn't matter to me how I die, but I will surely die fighting." By "fighting," he of course means, "talking."

Castro accuses Bush of plotting with Cuban American exiles to kill him [Miami Herald]


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