Hilarious New Jersey Law Requires Lesbians To Bone Guys

but they don't WANNA

So everyone in America knows that sometimes when two ladies love each other very, very much, they decide to go to Home Depot and get a marriage license, right? And sometimes, having done that, they decide they wants a family of their own, especially since studies show that gay parents are just as good, and even sometimes better than straight parents. We thought this was something everybody knew, but apparently New Jersey state law doesn't know it. What other explanation could there be, since two lesbian couples are having to sue the state because they can't get fertility treatments covered by their health insurance unless they HAVE INTERCOURSE WITH PENISES, which is not something lesbians tend to do, #lesbianfact.

According to the suit, the women were denied insurance coverage for their fertility treatments because of the wording of an N.J. law that requires women to prove their infertility not only through medical diagnosis, but through unprotected heterosexual sex. The law, the four women argue in the suit, discriminates against infertile gay couples trying to conceive.

According to the civil suit, the Krupas have been trying to conceive a child since 2013. Fertility doctors found several benign cysts on Erin Krupas' uterus, and found that she suffered from endometriosis, making her infertile, the suit says.

State law requires large insurance providers to cover costly fertility treatments for patients medically unable to have children. The couples take issue with how the law defines infertility, which includes the inability to become pregnant after one or two years of unprotected sex, depending on a woman's age. Insurance companies have been able to deny coverage to gay patients who, although they have been medically diagnosed infertile, do not fit the definition, the suit says.

"Despite having a medical diagnosis of infertility, because, as a lesbian in a committed relationship, Erin could not show that she had unprotected sexual intercourse with a man for the requisite period, the Krupas were not protected by the mandate," the suit reads.

Um, that is insane. This woman has other things going on in her body that have made her infertile, but because she didn't spend two years trying really hard to get pregnant via the method of sexing dudes without rubbers, she can't get covered. Dear New Jersey: your law is bad and you should feel bad.

The New York Timespoints out that 15 states require insurance companies to cover infertility treatments, and that out of those, California and Maryland have updated their language to make sure LGBT people are covered appropriately. And for once, the insurance company (Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield for both couples) isn't completely the villain. Yes, the company has denied coverage to these women, but it's just following New Jersey law:

"Horizon covers infertility services equally regardless of sexual orientation. We interpret the 2001 New Jersey law defining infertility in a gender and orientation neutral manner and our coverage standard complies with federal non-discrimination requirements," a Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield spokesman said in a statement to NJ Advance Media Monday morning.

"Members unable to conceive due to medical or biological reasons are covered for the specific infertility benefits included in their policy. Horizon is committed to equality, values our LGBTQ members, and is sensitive to their unique healthcare challenges and needs. We regularly review our standards and procedures to ensure parity and fairness for all of our members."

It sounds like maybe Horizon needs to review its standards and procedures, at least as they apply in New Jersey!

We wish these women all the success in the world in getting pregnant without going completely bankrupt in the process, but maybe we should send them our best wishes to move out of New Jersey or something.

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