Hilariously Messed Up Headstones That Got The Last Laugh! Tabs, Fri., Aug. 6, 2021


Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Peter Doocy's dad Steve Doocy — bless him? — still arguing with Brian Kilmeade and the blonde that Fox News viewers should get vaxxed, and so should their children. (Mediaite)

Commenting rules still in effect, but you can think whatever you like inside your brainskull. House member suing Nancy Pelosi over mask mandate has breakthrough COVID infection. — ABC News

Should the press punch itself in the face over its (continuing!) Ron DeSantis COVID tongue bath? Indeed, Eric Boehlert posits, it should! (Press Run)


The moratorium on evictions was extended, which is great! What other four things can Congress do to help kids with housing instability? (First Focus)

Amy Cooper, the Central Park Academy Award winning police-caller-and-cryer, explains to Bari Weiss how she had no choice. You'll probably want to read The Root's thoughts on that.


Is Mitch McConnell letting his caucus pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill? That's, to say the least, not at all like him. Jon Chait speculates as to if so, which I will believe when I see it, why. (New York mag)

CBO score report on the infrastructure bill, if any of you nerds want to explain it to me. — CBO

Interesting, this former Senior Patrol agent says Trump's designation of Border Patrol as national security means it's illegal for them to have a union, and I (and probably you) think that's just fine. Do the LAPD and sheriffs next. (Southern Border)

Whaaaaat? The Border Patrol is harassing Latinos in Michigan? No fucking way. — ACLU

Jessica Cisneros is running against Henry Cuellar again in Texas. Good, that guy's — no, quite literally! — the worst. (HuffPost)

58 No-Cook Meals for Those Hot Summer Nights. Thank you kindly, Bon Appetit.

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