Hill Hair Watch: The Early Returns

The first responses to our request for rug-sporting politicians have arrived! One of them stretches the definition of "DC Pol" a bit, but we'll allow it, as the hair is just too weird not to.


On the left, Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich. His hair doesn't so much grow from his head as enclose it, in much the way his state encloses our fair city. On the right, Ben Nelson, Senator from Nebraska, the Corn-something state (right?).

The fellow who suggested Ehrlich had this to add:

The area around the left temple just ... doesn't ... look ... right. I actually saw him getting off of a plane at BWI once and its even weirder in person.

We'll try to imagine that. Ehrlich was apparently known around his old law office as "handsome Bob." Lawyers can be so cruel, can't they?

Keep sending 'em in. February's a long month.

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