Poor, poor pitiful meWow, look at that doomed face on Hillary. Sure, nobody can manage a real grin when they've just been BEATEN LIKE A CHEAP RUG, but still, this is a Clinton. We expect a certain level of invincibility.

Jesus, this already sucks. Let's live blog it.

9:48 PM -- Blah blah, thanks to the black people on stage, oh yeah, thank the band. "Were they great?" Well, we don't know.

9:49 PM -- "I am thrilled ....... to be with you here tonight in Tennessee."

9:50 PM -- Hill congratulates Obama, weakly, and then tries to pretend it's all about Tennessee now.

9:50 PM -- Well sure she's happy to be in Nashville tonight. Would she want to be in, say, South Carolina.

9:50 PM -- Why is the crowd so big tonight, at this Hillary Loser speech? Do the great people of Tennessee lack radios, or the teevees?

9:52 PM -- "We're just having a conversation ...." Uhhh.

9:52 PM -- She should really stop talking about "our young people." MAKES YOU SOUND SO OLD.

9:53 PM -- Your editor is not exactly the "young people," yet your editor is starting to become especially creeped out. (Your editor is still younger than Mr. Hopeful Barry Obama, so hope on that, Barry.)

9:54 PM -- And Wolf Blitzer just cold cuts her off. "Okay," he warbles, "She's just going into her stump speech." Time for a commercial about some mail-order product that appeals to, well, old people.

Oh, and here's that video of Bill fake-laughing at Obama's huge S.C. victory:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/Qqd2dfjl2pw&rel=1 expand=1]

(Thanks Josh Marshall, and Andrew Sullivan, and Wonkette commenter El Bombastico.)


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