Hillary, Can We Talk?

OMG, love the shoesThe first thing I thought upon seeing this photo was that I loved the shoes. I mean, I expected Hillary to wear semi-sexless old lady shoes, in the same way that she seems to always be sporting the semi-sexless pantsuits with the too-long jackets to cover every square inch of her ass and with no nips anywhere to give her any kind of curves. The second thing I thought was about the powerful statement made by a picture of Bill at Hill's feet, and whether that was a powerful feminist thing or a total dig on the power dynamics in their relationship, but then I got back to the shoes. And then, I saw them in context.

And, then, the horrorOMG, first off, as has been previously mentioned, that is one fug jacket. I understand and even applaud the desire to wear something other than the standard-issue Washington-woman pantsuit, but this was not the cure for that kind of ennui. Plus, I thought it was a trick of the light in the first picture, but those pants are actually charcoal grey! In what word do charcoal grey pants match those cute shoes? Because they don't in this one. Those shoes are cute and should be worn again, but not with that suit.

And then I realized that these pictures were from last March, and she kept the suit!

Oh noes

Oh, honey. While I appreciate that you switched out the shoes, I don't think that anyone intended that you keep that horrible old lady suit. That big button at the neck makes you look even frumpier! The cut-away at the waist doesn't help the hips that seemingly trouble you! The thickness of the material (combined with the fact that the jacket is, again, TOO LONG) makes you look lumpy and matronly around the middle! Someone, please, find this suit and give it to charity and don't let her wear it in public again.

Look, I know you're running against Michelle's husband and all, but could I please suggest a shopping trip? Or even some tips? I mean, obviously she's a beautiful woman but she also manages to dress appropriately for her figure and her position. There are things that would look lovely on you and appropriate, and you need to find them. Maybe you could get Stacy and Clinton to do a special election-themed edition? Something? Please?

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