Hillary Clinton Can't Be President Because of Her Common-Law Marriage Or Something

While the rest of the nation is sort of resigned to the Hillary presidency and its novel concept of a harmless, amiable Vice President Obama, there's still a tiny subculture of old angry poor people (and Richard Mellon Scaife) who are endlessly worked up about Hillary Clinton.

We've never really figured out why, beyond the fact that they hate women. All she ever did that we remember is try to get health insurance for the poor and jobless -- you know, the very people who are crazy angry about Hillary Clinton and who lost their jobs when Bill Clinton moved U.S. manufacturing to China.

Anyway, one of the anti-Hillary loyalists is circulating a great new "legal theory" that will prevent Hillary from taking office even after she wins the election:

Do you remember during the Whitewater scandle and Independent counsel wanted to get Hilliary to testify against her husband? On all national television stations; " I invoke my common law right to not testify".

Most people did not understand that under common law marriage and man and a woman are as one. One cannot be made to testify against themself. Bill and Hilliary were "one" self, not as two different persons. This is how she slimed out of testifying,...it would incrimiate HERSELF as HER and BILL are as ONE.

This means by her own admission that she was president as ONE with Bill Clinton. She is uneligible to be President again! It would be no different than Bill Clinton being elected again. Two terms are two terms. Period. Why has no one but myself observed this actuality?

Maybe it is time for litigation to the US Supreme Court to rule on this simle fact of law and disqualify her from being elected!

William Hayes Wyttenbach

It just might work!


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