He votes a straight wine-and-cheese ticketIf The Foreigns could elect America's next president, they would probably vote for Hillary Clinton because she hearts NAFTA and has an acceptably white middle name. A smattering of anecdotes from Belgian grocers and Chinese business owners proves this devastating new fact! (Sorry Barack Hussein Obama, you can still be president of Kenya and Germany.)

From Mexico, where radio station callers "voted" overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton, to Germany, where Obama is frequently called "The Black Kennedy," regular citizens harbor all sorts of opinions that will never be taken into account by the mouth-breathing American public for whom Canada is an exotic foreign locale.

Senator Clinton is popular in Mexico and China, while Obama does well in Africa and Europe. Nobody seems to have an opinion about John McCain, because he is a Republican.

Because Mexico and China are large and trade a lot with America, while Africa and Europe are but two tiny nations, Hillary Clinton wins the delegate math even without Florida and Michigan.

If Foreigners Could Vote in '08 [Wall Street Journal]


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