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So, Donald Trump's speech Thursday night at the Republican convention. Hooooooo boy and boy howdy and whoa hey, it was a thing, wasn't it? America is falling apart, and everybody around the world thinks we are weak (and sad!) and ONLY Donald Trump can fix it, because of all his remarkable brilliance and business expertise. Yup, that's the ticket, and we are not impressed.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Know who else was not impressed? It was Hillary Clinton, who will be crowned the queen of the US American Democratic Party next week in Philadelphia. Usually, it's Trump live-tweeting things, but this time it was Hillary. Here's one of the first tweets she sent, to kick things off:

LOL it's funny because Trump (and lots of other people) have said really nice things about Hillary in the past few years. Just a few hours earlier, Hillary reminded us of another RNC speaker's erstwhile opinions of her:

Hillary is just saying, just like Marsha, Marsha, Marsha was just saying back in 2008.

Anyway, back to  Hillz during the Trump speech. One nice thing about the complete lack of civility in this election is that people aren't afraid to use the "L" word (which is not "lesbian," come on, people) anymore:

Hillary tweeted pictures of herself murdering Osama bin Laden with her emails, and things about how Trump's tax plan would add $34 trillion to our debt. Then she decided, for no reason in particular (maybe all the stuff about how Trump will save America world with his tiny fingers), to remind everybody of that mean Economist piece that called a Trump presidency a VERY HIGH risk to the global economy:

She's just reminding everybody, that's all. She's also just reminding Trump of this obvious fact:

When Donald Trump got all heartfelt and shit about protecting "our LGBTQ Americans" from ISIS after the Orlando shootings, and then was very pleased that the Republicans in attendance didn't pull pitchforks out of their upon hearing "LGBT," Hillary reminded everybody of another thing:

Fun fact: the "Q" in "LGBTQ" was not in Trump's originally prepared copy for his speech. Is he secretly trying to be extra-inclusive? Did somebody tell him the "Q" stood for "questioning," and he interpeted that as when hot chicks like his daughter Ivanka try out lesbian-ing? We are just curious.

SIDENOTE: If you think we're being all EW GROSS WONKET when we say Trump seems to be into his own daughter, please also realize that this happened Thursday night as well:

Anyway, Hillary tweeted other things too, and you are free to peruse her Twitterface page at your leisure. One tweet that she sent out, though, pretty much summed it all up:

Indeedy-doo, we are. (We think? Dunno, it's hard to tell after being in Cleveland for a week, NO OFFENSE TO CLEVELAND ITSELF, WHICH IS LOVELY. Ask us after Philadelphia.)

BONUS: Did you know Hillary Clinton was not the only person using Twitter on Thursday night? It's true, they let anybody use it these days! Bernie Sanders was tweeting right along:

MOAR BONUS: And just for kicks, we're sure greatest congressional Tweeterer of all time John Dingell talked some shit ...

There you go. If you missed Trump's yooooge speech, you now understand everything that happened. Aren't you excited about Making America Great Again now?

[Hillary on Twitter]

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