Hillary Clinton Tricks Dumbass Republican Rep. Lynn Westmoreland Into Quitting

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Moron)

[contextly_sidebar id="TVOGHUMPOqcBkk7gs3BLPo0b3XpGmAAP"]Boy, that Hillary Clinton is good! Not only did she trick Georgia Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, and the rest of the Republicans, into "stepping in a trap" of looking real stupid at the congressional hearing on "The Benghazi," but now she's managed to trick the poor hapless som'bitch into cut-and-running altogether:

After a busy fall in Congress, I finally had the opportunity for quiet reflection over the Christmas break. I spent time in prayer and with my family, and with their blessing, have decided I will no longer seek reelection for Georgia’s Third Congressional District.

Bummed face! We were so looking forward to Westmoreland's reports from his investigative trip "to Germany and to Italy to do some more research, on the Benghazi." (Little-known geography fact: Benghazi is not in Germany. Or Italy.)

We cannot fathom why the Georgia Republican, who represents one of the reddest districts in one of the reddest states in one of the reddest regions of the country, would decide "it is time to pass the torch to our next conservative voice." It's not like he was at risk of losing his seat to a Democrat. And it's not as if the rotten peach, who in 2008 called 'bout-to-be-elected Barack Obama "uppity," could ever be primaried from the right, unless maybe Confederate Hero Robert Toombs rose from the dead.

[contextly_sidebar id="h49cNhl8iMHeJxZ4Cnm6WSxIeKngrenG"]Maybe Westmoreland really is all worn out from all that hardly workin' he's been doin' in the House since 2004, and he'd like to sit back on his porch, sip some sweet tea, put up his calloused barkin' dogs, and let a younger, faster-thinkin' conservative get outsmarted by fast-talkin' and much faster-thinkin' 'bout-to-be-elected Hillary Clinton.



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