Hillary Clinton Will Be Chief Justice AND President In 2012


Remember how you people all hated Hillary Clinton for having the temerity to run against Barack Obama and suggest that he was too busy enjoying sex with his pretty wife to answer phone calls at 3am, unlike Hillary Clinton who never sleeps and stays awake at night seething with rage while her husband picks up fat chicks at the bar that sells frozen mixed drinks out of Slurpee machines? Remember how you people were convinced she would ruin everything and believed that if she said "2 plus 2 equals 4" you could reasonably conclude they actually equaled 5, because every word out of her mouth was a transparent lie? Well, now Hillary Clinton says she isn't interested in a Supreme Court appointment and is "probably" not interested in running for president again, which means HOLD ONTO YOUR HAT BAT MAN:

There is "zero" chance of her accepting a Supreme Court seat, she told Fox News. "I have no interest in that."

Ah, but what about another White House run someday? Gotta be tempting. To come so close this time. What are the chances of that? "Probably close to zero."

[...]"There's an old saying," Clinton added. "Bloom where you're planted."

It is so cute, how she pretends not to be planning a massive coup.

Hillary Clinton gives up on another White House run, 'probably' [Top of the Ticket]


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