NObama, evah!Poor Hillary Clinton, who spends literally all of her time sending out spoofed Joe Biden emails begging donations for her massive campaign debt, has yet another financial indignity on her horizon: She'll make $4,700 less per year than the current black Secretary of State, because that's how Barack Obama's America rolls.

Hillary will be the first white secretary of state since Madeline Albright left in January 2001. Our Mrs. Clinton is also the first American-born white woman secretary of state, ever! That's historical.

It is also too bad that she served in the Senate when Congress approved a pay raise for Condi, because my god, those clothes don't pay for themselves. This means sad Hillary will only get $186,600 annually, instead of Fancy Condi's $191,300 salary.

True Constitutional-Law Detail: This is actually in the U.S. Constitution, the clause that says nobody serving in Congress can take a government appointment if the job in question got a salary increase during the congressperson's current term. Crafty affirmative-action Founding Fathers are at it again, from beyond the grave! (It's in Article 1, Section 6. We looked this up, for you!)

Secretary of State salary cut for Clinton [Associated Press]


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