Hillary Clinton Will Make You Sorry You Ever Doubted Her

She will clap and point until doomsday if necessarySo how many times has the Clinton campaign been declared over? Like 30? Today we have another slew of opinions about how and why Hillary has totally blown it, and a few lonely numbers that suggest she, like the T-1000, has yet to meet her own personal vat of molten metal.

Let's start with analysis from the Bloomberg gal who sort of looks like Garrison Keillor's little sister. Take it away, Margaret:

Clinton is trying to pull a Rosie Ruiz. Ruiz, the putative winner of the Boston Marathon in 1980, actually sat out much of the race only to emerge near the finish line to claim victory. Clinton is virtually not running anywhere in February, planning to re-emerge in March to sprint to the finish line by triumphing in races in Texas and Ohio.

This running/running thing is confusing. Does Hillary Clinton exercise?

Meanwhile, Steven Stark at the Boston Phoenix smells "strategic negligence":

The Clinton campaign either never planned for the caucuses, or was so overconfident it thought Hillary would win them simply by showing up. Whatever the reason, it doesn't say much about her political leadership. If this strategic negligence continues, it could completely derail her efforts - particularly in Texas, which holds both a caucus and a primary on March 4.

But regardless of how assiduously she's running in Wisconsin, a new poll shows the race is decidedly competitive there. Ditto Ohio. And as for Texas, she has been boring anybody with a pulse and a voter registration card about how "I am in the solutions business. My opponent is in the promises business." In response the Obama campaign is playing the inevitability card, knowing how well that worked out for Clinton the first million times she tried it.

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