Hillary Clinton Will Never Stop Running For Public Office

Hillary Clinton will never give up and never stop fighting for you, which is why she's trying to roll her 2008 presidential election fund into her 2012 Senate re-election fund! She's sending out letters to supporters who maxed out their contributions, asking them if she can hang onto their money for 2012, and if they don't say "yes" by August 28 she will have to give it back, which will make the baby Jesus cry. Plus, a new poll shows that she's the only candidate who can beat John McCain in the fall! It'strue.

A daily Rasmussen tracking poll shows that if Clinton were still running she'd be up by eight points against McCain, while an imaginary Al Gore would be beating John McCain by seven. The actual (presumptive) nominee leads McCain by only FOUR percent.

Hillary Clinton should be elected president twice, simultaneously.

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