Hillary Clinton/Secretary Of State Rumors Flying Every Which Way


Last night webegan hearing that Hillary Clinton was under serious consideration to be Barack Obama's Secretary of State, and that she flew to Chicago to meet with him about possibilities. This being Hillary Clinton, we of course are now engulfed in a wave of rumors, leaks, trial balloons, anonymous sources... Drama. It is how the Clintons, or any stories remotely involving them, tend to roll out. Let's see what the latest gossip's telling us about old Hillary. It ranges anywhere from Ronald Reagan retroactively appointing her to be assistant manager at a Baskin Robbins in Utah to her going on food stamps to her having sex with Monica Lewinsky and Vince Foster on a pile of moon rocks, for Obama.

HuffPo goes all in!

President-elect Barack Obama offered Sen. Hillary Clinton the position of Secretary of State during their meeting Thursday in Chicago, according to two senior Democratic officials. She requested time to consider the offer, the officials said.

This is one monstrous trial balloon we have here, kids! Yes, we have reservations. The "two senior Democratic officials" are probably Bill Clinton and his slob brother, Roger. It would be in Hillary's best interest -- which Bill has always understood better than her, see -- to make it appear as though she would be the one turning down a job that may not ever be offered to her. She needs some "time to consider the offer" because she doesn't need to rush anything for anyone -- not even the President! Or maybe it is true. We just know that when "two senior Democratic officials" have been the source for a scoop this election, the scoop is really that the reporter got played.

Politico, you guys must be all over this, right? Oh yes, yes you are:

A person close to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton says she would seriously consider serving as Secretary of State if an offer was made -- adding, "I wouldn't bet against" her accepting a cabinet invitation.

Clinton, the person said, had been hearing rumors about the State Department job for about a week, but didn't take it seriously -- until Obama's transition team initiated serious discussions in the last day or two.

"She didn't ask for it," added the source. "It was all from their side."

So here we have no offer being made, but that it could be made and -- according to "a person close to Hillary Rodham Clinton," which is perhaps the biggest red flag we've ever read -- Hillary may or may not take it, because she's so cool and above "all that." Hillary don't need no dumb diplomat poop job! It's just that that kiddie-president keeps stalking her about it, and it's really creepy, so she might have to take it for safety reasons.

Officials: Obama Offered Clinton Secretary Of State [HuffPo]

Clinton 'serious' about SoS [Ben Smith]

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DHS photo (Every damn ICE pic looks like this)

Donald Trump's immigration goon squads were all set to start mass arrests and deportations of families in multiple cities Sunday, but before the raids started, he tweeted Saturday that he'd decided to delay the operation by two weeks -- to allow Democrats a chance to join Republicans in trashing US asylum law. Trump took a phone call Friday evening from Nancy Pelosi urging him to hold off on the raids, although it's also possible that internal disagreements about the operation at the Department of Homeland Security may have been part of the reason for the delay, too. In the meantime, Trump gets to terrify undocumented families some more and rant about deporting "millions," although the planned operation was actually targeted only at a couple thousand people who have already received deportation orders.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement had been gearing up to start raids in 10 US cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Baltimore, to show how tough America is, and never mind that the sweeps would certainly have led to more family separations, as ICE scooped up at least some undocumented parents of children born in the US. The news also comes while the media is reporting filthy, inhuman conditions at the border camps where newly arrested immigrants, including babies, are being packed in, leading to plenty of awkward questions about why the government suddenly wants to arrest more people in the interior of the country? (Hint: President Eichmann just announced his reelection bid.)

The Great Deporter announced the delay of the operation Saturday by Twitter, as if that were normal, then followed up with more bluster Sunday.

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Kamala Harris was holding it down at the South Carolina Democratic Convention this weekend, and she wasn't just there to kick it at Clyburn's Fish Fry, hang out with Berndog Sanders, and just look extra good. No. She fucking running for President, and she's actually got a chance, unlike the many Mayo Casserole Men who keep jumping into the damn race. Why did they jump in after Kamala and Elizabeth Warren, the only people who are even running, clearly said, "We got it from here, boys"? Not sure, but regardless, it was unnecessary. Doesn't matter anyway because who is gonna remember Dadface McDorksky when Kamala is turning it the fuck out with speeches indicting Trump?

Do you believe in America? Kamala Harris believes in America, and her Saturday speech calls out for justice, and righteousness; where Barack Obama struck hopeful, dulcet, aspirational tones, Harris strikes sharp chords of urgency. To say that she read Trump the riot act would be, and is, an understatement; what she did here raised a crucial reality that some Dems refuse to see. Trump MUST be prosecuted. The Democratic nominee will wear many hats, and one of the most important of those hats is that of a prosecutor. There is a case to be made against Donald J. Trump, hell, there are so many cases, and as far as Harris is concerned, who better to make that case, but a COP? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kamala Harris at the South Carolina Democratic Convention June, 22 2019

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