Hillary Crossover Votes Will Ruin Peden's Ascendancy

Help me help youWhen brave CPA and proud Christian conservative Chris Peden decided to run against incumbent Congressman Ron Paul in Texas' 14th Congressional District, there was one challenge he didn't count on: Hillary Clinton. And now it appears the Senator from New York may prove just as adept at ruining things for Republicans as she is for hope-loving Democrats!

Here's how she will crush the dreams of Chris Peden: die-hard Texas Republican voters, the sort who would normally flock to a down-the-line conservative like Peden in the primaries, are casting ballots in the Democratic primary this year instead. Not because they've converted, of course, but because they want to knock Barack Obama out of the race by voting for the person they'd rather have McCain run against in the fall: a bossy socialist lady who killed Vince Foster and sullied the White House with her numerous lesbian affairs.

This is all terribly complicated, but the important thing for voters in District 14 to remember is that you should vote for Chris Peden or everyone will die at 3 a.m. from terrorism.

Republicans for Hillary: The Anecdotal Evidence Builds [Hit & Run]


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