Hillary Decides: Obama's Cabinet Or Debtor's Prison?

Hillary Decides: Obama's Cabinet Or Debtor's Prison?

For veritabledays we have been racking our brains, trying to figure out why Hillary Clinton would be interested in a Secretary of State position. It ain't exactly a stepping stone to the presidency, and in her beloved Senate she can be her own boss and work on all those domestic things she loves so much, like imposing a Canadian-Marxist healthcare regime on America. Well, now we have the answer! What might motivate Hillary Clinton now is the thing that has always motivated the Clintons: money. (And the desire to serve, of course! And cracklins.)

Hillary Clinton still owes approx. eleventy billion dollars to her campaign vendors, including over $5 million to the obese incompetent swamp sow Mark Penn. As a normal politician she would be obligated to repay those campaign debts, someday, through fundraising and other efforts.

However, as a Fancy Diplomat, she would be obliged to avoid filthy partisan entanglements and would not even be allowed to do any fundraising. Problem solved! She could plausibly tell the Federal Election Commission, "Sorry, now that I am a diplomatic servant of America, I am like as unto a pauper," and Mark Penn would just have to suck it up.

Hillary Clinton is a terrible cheapskate.

State: HRC’s ticket to debt forgiveness? [Politico]


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