Hillary Hugs Hutchison

hillkiss.jpgSure, you say you're a Republican, but have you spit on Hillary Clinton lately? If you haven't, watch those guys with the video cameras! At a recent D.C. event, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R - TX) brazenly embraced Clinton in a shockingly public, heavily pantsuited display of non-enmity, and two guys got it all on tape. They were there in the employ of Governor Rick Perry (R -TX), who fears a Hutchison run against him in the 2006 primary and is using the clip to show how close Hutchison is to the liberal she-Satan.

Initially, Perry campaign director Luis Saenz truth-avoided about the clip, saying Perry had nothing to do with its distribution. On Wednesday, however, he confessed that, yes, Perry did spend $2100 to have the embrace taped. But not for distribution purposes! Nope, apparently, Perry just likes to collect hot amateur clips of blonde-on-blonde hug action. Us too!

Hutchison-Perry Spat Heats Up [Austin American-Statesman]

Hutchison-Clinton Video Made by Perry Campaign [Houston Chronicle]


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