'Hillary In The House' Guy Has Big Show Coming Up!

Here is that guy from the famous"Hillary In The House" videos, as spotted by Rumproast's "Kevin K." outside Hillary's fake New York City rally Tuesday. We know his name now, and it's "Paul Edward Blaise McClure," a fine Christian Name, verily. "McClure" was giving out fliers at the event, too, and guess what? He's puttin' on a show! Check out the invite after the jump. All of Wonkette's New York City operatives are required to attend.

You are cordially invited to attend the NYC Premiere of

Hillary in the White House

May the Best Woman Win!

A video that honors and salutes Hillary Rodham Clinton


McFadden’s of New York City

300 Second Avenue @42nd Street

Monday June 9th, 2008

6-8 PM

Come and join us everyone her fight has just begun.

Directed by Seth Panman

Produced by Jason Abrams & Seth Panman

Starring Paul Edward Blaise McClure

To RSVP or for more information contact hilldahouse@yahoo.com

Live from Sen. Veruca Rodham Salt’s “I Want I Want I Want” Non-Concession Rally in NYC [Rumproast]


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