KITTEHAccording to a new memoir by Kathleen Willey, an ex-White House aide who claimed President Clinton groped her in 1993 (as if she didn't know what she was getting into working there!), Hillary Clinton may have ordered some thugs to kill her pwecious kitty in an attempt to intimidate her from speaking out. And then they might have killed her replacement kitty, too!

The alleged threats came before Willey was supposed to testify in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case (from the New York Sun):

Once that case loomed, she found herself skulked by strange, scary people. "A man, he was pretending to be a jogger, he came up to me and just asked did I ever find my cat?" Ms. Willey said. "He mentioned my cat by name and [said], 'Yeah, that Bullseye was a really nice cat.'"

Was? Hmm.

Ms. Willey said the guy was so creepy that she came to the conclusion he'd been hired to intimidate her, and he'd started by killing her cat.

Some time later she had another cat, a particularly fluffy 1-year-old, that turned up dead on her deck. Double hmm.

Eventually, Ms Willey pins all this -- and more -- on none other than Mrs. Clinton herself because (pay attention now): Ms. Willey once talked to a conservative talk show host, Melanie Morgan, who said she had run into the private eye who'd ostensibly been behind all this skullduggery. The talk show host supposedly said to the private eye, "Aren't you ashamed of what you did to Kathleen?" And the private eye supposedly replied that the only thing he was ashamed of was that "Hillary did not pay me in a timely fashion."

Is there a dry eye on Wonkette this Thursday?

Did Hillary Clinton Order a Kitten Caper? [NY Sun]


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