Hillary On The Hot Seat

  • The small but growing number of Gazan refugees has doubled in the past four days. [New York Times]
  • Today John Kerry will be leading Hillary Clinton's Senate confirmation hearing for Secretary of State. This is all very Fraught, since Kerry wanted the job. [Washington Post]
  • The UK's foreign secretary says Pakistan has primary responsibility for dealing with this Mumbai problem. [BBC News]
  • Russia's Gazprom has resumed natural gas delivery to Europe via Ukraine, with international monitors standing by to make sure the devilish Ukraine doesn't siphon off gas. [UPI]
  • This is fantastic: an Indiana businessman fakes his own death in an Alabama "plane crash," then turns up 225 miles away claiming he has been in a "canoe accident" even though his legs are only wet from the knees down and he is wearing flight goggles. He is currently missing. [AP]
  • The U.S. abstained from a U.N. vote calling for a cease-fire in Gaza because Ehud Olmert told us to. [Los Angeles Times]

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