Hillary Opens Up to Oprah Tyra About the BJ Thing

provocativeHillary Clinton will appear on Tyra Bank's teevee show tonight, using her emotions to share with Tyra how she "felt" the time Bill got in trouble for irresponsibly placing his penis in an intern's mouth. Tyra boldly asks Hill how she got through the thing "we all know we're talking about here, there's no need to explain what is," extreme sincerity feelings flow forth in abundance. Emotionally-charged video and our astute analysis after the jump.

What is clear from this video is that Hill, first and foremost, is a human being -- a person, if you will -- whose iron will during the impeachment proceedings was merely a facade to hide her womanly vulnerabilities. Just like we would do if our husband had character flaws so consistent and predictable it was possible for his political enemies to set a successful impeachment trap, Hillary turned to her faith.

Having lived through it, Hillary has advice for all the ladies who live this hell today: "Always be true to yourself," she tells us. And it's good advice. Assuming we can figure out which self to be true to.

Hillary Opens Up to Tyra About Adultry [HuffPo]


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