Invisible Hawaiian Shark GhoulsDo you still remember the "Presidents Day Plagiarism Outrage" of 2008? Well now there's another one -- and this time, instead of fancy word-user Barack Obama being blamed for repeating such phrases as "I have a dream" and "The Declaration of Independence," which were earlier spoken by a different black politician, it's Hillary Clinton who got caught biting rhymes from yet another "black" politician: ex-president and "first black president" Bill Clinton!

Just yesterday, the Hillary campaign was still going berserk over the revelations that Barack Obama and black governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick had used the same "words" in describing how their opponents said they just used "words" instead of doing the hard work of being married to Bill Clinton for a hundred years while he fucked every fat thing that came into his peripheral vision.

But now, a shocking investigation by some guys at the Huffington Post reveals that Hillary Clinton herself has been borrowing campaign phrases from someone close to her campaign, too! It seems both Hillary and Bill are fond of mentioning the terrible demons they both worship: Hawaiian shark ghouls they call their "Invisible Americans":

Clinton's "Invisible Americans" line echoes an anecdote that her husband, Bill Clinton, has included in speeches of his own for years. As far back as October 2002, the former president has repeatedly closed his talks around the world with an anecdote that pivots off his experiences in Africa to highlight the swaths of population that are "invisible" or have gone "ignored" by the governments of the world.

So, Hillary's a plagiarist, the end.

"Plagiarism"? Clinton Borrowed Her Husband's "Invisible" Theme [Huffington Post]


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