Hillary Seeks to Break Up ChelTar

Miers Like Eyeliner Or NoYes, we, too have been hearing a lot about Chelsea Clinton cavorting with Tara Reid. It's sad when someone outside of the spotlight clings, remora-like, to someone more glamorous and interesting than she is. We never thought we'd be writing that about Tara Reid, either. In any case, apparently the gal-palling has caused some concern in the Clinton camp, with one pundit observing, “Hillary has enough political liabilities on her lap as it is...the last thing she needs is her daughter running around with another one.” We're embarrassed to admit that this quote first made us think of Chelsea running around with another lap. Which sounds even dirtier when you consider that a NYC source observed, “It’s almost like Chelsea dumped Ian for Tara.” She is truly her father's daughter.

For what it's worth, we think Hill's making a mistake in separating the two. The possibility of having Tara Reid in the White House might be the best reason to vote for her.

Chelsea In Taradise [Radar]


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