Hillary Speaks! (So She Can Go To Bed)

Our inevitable president is on the teevee! She won New York, that state where she currently "lives." (She did not win Arkansas, but not Illinois -- some of the other states where she "lived.") Nonetheless, she will bring us a land of opportunity, on the late shift! With the crying baby! She knows what it's like to hear about people who are so poor and actually don't even vote because .... let's go to the video.

I'd hit it! (Because I've never hit nothing, never)10:54 PM -- Oh, hey, it's "America's night."

10:54 PM -- It's "Your Night," too!

10:55 PM -- So, politics is not about "who's up, who's down." Interesting.

10:55 PM -- Hillary is so stealing John Edwards' "have a liver" speech. Minus the sad face.

10:59 PM -- And say hi to Ian Schwartz for doing all this video for us tonight.

11:00 PM -- Hil says congrats to Obama for kind of kicking her ass, because she drew "the short straw in life."


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