The Gallup Daily Tracking Poll shows Hillary finally closing that deficit after a whole five or six days. She's only losing by one point now. Call the election! Hillary wins forever, soon! Don't, stop, thinkin' about tomorrow...

But in real life, she actually does have some vague chance of winning Wisconsin tonight, even though she's lost every primary election since Super Tuesday. Accordingly, those wombats at the Obama campaign have "lowered expectations" dramatically via their daily talking points. So either way, they win by 50 points, in the American Voter's mind.

Via Mark "Hot Shit" Halperin:

Obama for America Daily Talking Points
February 19, 2008

State of the race: Wisconsin and Hawaii

* Today, Wisconsin and Hawaii are holding their Democratic presidential nominating contests. After sweeping the past eight contests by large margins, Senator Obama has a lead of 138 pledged delegates.

* By all accounts, Senator Obama began the contest in Wisconsin at a considerable disadvantage, from name recognition to organization, but he's been catching up fast. The Clinton campaign has discounted the results of the 23 contests Senator Clinton has lost so far, but none of the usual excuses apply in Wisconsin . The fact is, Senator Clinton could not have asked for a more favorable state in which to compete coming out of eight straight losses.

* While Senator Obama, prior to last week, had only visited Wisconsin twice as a presidential candidate, both Hillary and Bill Clinton have been well known in Wisconsin for decades and have made countless trips to the state. The Clintons enjoy a vast network of well connected political supporters and Clinton loyalists throughout the state, including Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin. Prior to the Iowa Caucuses, Clinton led in all six public polls taken in the state by an average of 15 points.

* Senator Clinton has sent a series of mixed signals to give the impression she is not competing hard in Wisconsin in an attempt to lower expectations. But the reality is very different. President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton have campaigned across the state. Senator Clinton has been in Wisconsin three straight days. Senator Clinton is running an aggressive campaign of false, negative advertisements statewide. These advertisements began before she even arrived in the state and represent the harshest, most negative attacks she has launched to date during the primary process.

Obama's Tuesday Surrogate Talking Points [The Page]


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