Hillary To Selectively Demonstrate Shame of Her Upbringing

hillary.jpgIn what we gather constitutes "news", at least for the Brisbane Times, Hillary Clinton is said to be dropping her maiden name from campaign materials as she seeks the Democratic nomination. No one knows for certain whether this gambit will pay the dividends that dropping Chris Lehane from one's campaign staff have historically yielded, but who knows.

Of course, in dropping "Rodham", Clinton will move away from the implicit reminder that her "father was the son of a factory worker in Scranton." What? No working-class hero stories? No Scrantonicity? Is this really true? Well, for her part, Clinton has thus far demurred, offering only a hasty "I haven't, I haven't" when asked about dropping the name. Additionally, "Rodham" remains on "New York-focused" campaign literature.

As far as strategy goes, some sociologist from Penn State says the move to drop the maiden name "puts her in sync with the vast majority of married women in America." Is that the angle Hill's playing? Really--who gives two tugs of a dead dog's dick, anyway. She'll probably drop the maiden name depending on who she's pandering to, and whether "Rodham" sounds good when she's adopting a Southern accent. I think we can all imagine how embarrassing it is to be Hillary Clinton.


Hearst: Clinton drops maiden name for 2008 campaign [Raw Story]


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