Gah! It's Roberta McCainThe two final Iowa polls. THIS IS IT, then we get an off day tomorrow, then polls for 2012 caucuses begin Saturday. The American Research Group poll puts Hillary at 34%, Obama at 25% and Edwards at 21%. Aaaaand off to the liquor store... oh wait, Zogby puts Obama at 31%, Edwards at 27% and Hillary at 24%! Huh. Aaaaand continue going to the liquor store. As for the Republicans, Huckabee has a modest lead over Romney in both. And third place is its own cute little charity contest, with McCain, Thompson and RON PAUL each around 10%. Actually there are very high stakes for each of these candidates re: New Hampshire/campaign-destruction, but we'll just make fun of them for playing the pathetic third place match today. [Zogby, ARG]


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