Hillary Tries To Explain Away Her Tendency to Accentuate Her Pandering

lameexcuses.JPGPeople are starting to give Hillary Clinton all manners of heck for constantly changing up her dialects depending on who she's speaking in front of. You know: a Southern "lilt" below the Mason Dixon, "black preacher" for African-American churches, a haunting and otherworldly keen when she meets with the ancient banshees that sustain her black heart with the souls of newly deceased infants... Well, the jokes on the critics because she's got a breezy little explanation for all of it:

"I think America is ready for a multilingual president."

Argh! No, no, NO! You do NOT get to pass off your cohort of funny voices as DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. Not even the President, with his fake Texas accent, does that!

But whoever writes the CNN political ticker has fallen for it!

"Clinton is a linguistic polyglot -- a Chicago native turned New York resident who works in Washington and spent two decades living in Arkansas when her husband, Bill Clinton, was governor."

Linguistic polyglot? We had no idea that was a synonym for "superficial opportunist."

Clinton: Speaking Southern a virtue, not a vice [CNN]


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