Hillary's Bill So Out Of Control

  • Heard on the Hill:Harry Reid does situational comedy... Rep. Dave Reichtert gets the Tom Cavanagh treatment... Rep. Marilyn Musgrave has got snazzy pajamas... Sen. Bill Nelson deserves some props. [Roll Call]
  • Reliable Source:Anita McBride loves her Smart car... State of Play is finally going to start filming... Barack Obama is still winning in the rhinestone poll. [WP]
  • Yeas and Nays:Paul Giamatti got to party like John Adams... Cheney aide Lea Anne McBride is getting hitched... You will be insured for caffeine intoxication... Conservatives love Tim Goeglein... Lame ducks love to dance. [Examiner]
  • In the Know: Marijuana mogul and congressional candidate Barry Cooper wants to make sure that you Never Get Busted Again... Does an Obama win mean the return of Tom Daschle?... Rep. Tom Allen has got a case of puppy love... Mixing up Mack and Bono Mack. [The Hill]
  • The Sleuth:Hillary Clinton wishes her (cell-phone) "bill wasn't so out of control"... Huckabee headlines. [WP]
  • Rush & Molloy:Sen. Robert Byrd is back in the hospital... Sen. Chuck Schumer is a secret fashionista. [NYDN]

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