Hillary's Funny Story About Wanting To Join The Marines

In light of the Sinbad-Bosnia scandal, Hillary's entire history of funny Tuff Guy statements is being reexamined. This process alone could endure well past Hillary's lifetime. But here's a fun treat: In 1994, Hillary says she thought about joining the Marines in 1975, but then the recruiter made robotic sexist statements about her, so she decided to become a Monster instead.

Hillary decided in 1975 that she wanted to develop "some experience in serving in some capacity in the military," so she walked into the Fayetteville, Arkansas recruiter's office. She asked him about some possibilities -- active duty, reserves, National Guard, as a lawyer, whatever -- and said she was 27 years old. And then, this:

"He looked at me, and in those days that was before I learned how to wear contact lenses," Clinton said. "I had these really thick glasses on. He said, 'How bad's your eyesight?' I said, 'It's pretty bad.' ...Finally said to me, he said, 'You're too old. You can't see. And you're a woman....But maybe the dogs would take you.'"

("Dogs" would be a pejorative reference to the Army.)

Clinton continued, "I said, 'This is not a very encouraging conversation, so maybe I'll look for another way to serve my country.'"

And then the recruiter said, "On your way out, fatty, slice me up a cute puppy so I can eat it for my lunch, and I am a Republican, and my name is Barack Obama. Fatty."

Jardheads [ABC News]


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