Hillary's Tax Returns Are Out Somewhere!!!

The Clintons have finally leaked their tax returns to someone, namely Matt Drudge! Or he stole them! This is the biggest news since Vietnam and its war! ARE YOU FREAKING OUT ENOUGH? And here is what else Drudgey has: "2000-2007 Returns, Feds Taxes Paid: $33.7 million, Charity: $10.2 million." DING DING DING DING DING etc.

UPDATE: More details, from the Hillary Clinton campaign themselves, after the jump, DING DING ding ding, ding ding...

  • Senator Clinton's Senate Salary: $1,051,606
  • President Clinton's Presidential Pension: $1,217,250
  • Senator Clinton's Book Income: $10,457,083
  • President Clinton's Book Income: $29,580,525
  • President Clinton's Speech Income: $51,855,599
  • And some spinnage: "The Clintons have now made public thirty years of tax returns, a record matched by few people in public service. None of Hillary Clinton's presidential opponents have revealed anything close to this amount of personal financial information."

I don't hear you DINGING enough, people!

[Drudge Report, The Page]


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