Hillary's Whores

  • Reliable Source:Laurie David makes people just as uncomfortable as Larry David... George Mason mascot Gunston might not be around for much longer... Ben's Chili Bowl gets some Play... Laura and Jenna Bush check out "Butterflies + Plants." [WP]
  • Yeas and Nays:Michael Bloomberg's A-list celebs to attract a teenaged crowd... Chelsea Clinton is just as good a daughter as Meghan McCain. [Examiner]
  • Shenanigans:David Vitter insists he's nothing like Eliot Spitzer. For example, he's much cheaper. [Politico]
  • The Sleuth:Tom Foley is too old for his Corvette... Is Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz a Debbie Dubya? [WP]
  • Page Six: Moonlight Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof adds Hillary to his roster of girls. [NYP]

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