hillary clinton.jpgHere at Wonkette, we're a bunch of HRC groupies, with a weakness for all things Hillary. So please send us your tips; no tidbit is too small.

You may not think that spotting Hillary in a black pantsuit in the Russell Building is a big deal -- but we sure do! It's Hillary's world, and we're just living in it.

This morning, we were delighted to receive this reader email:

Did you check out the NYT article about Senator Clinton changing the location of her February 21 fundraising event? It would seem that Pacha has a reputation for rowdiness, so she's relocating to -- CROBAR!

Who's her event organizer? John Cameron Mitchell? Amanda Lepore?

Update: For the record, Crobar has hosted numerous political events in the past, including prior HRC events -- and even parties for Republicans!

And here's the Times article's provocative lede:

Bikini-clad dancers discoing inside glass-walled showers. Beautiful people carousing on the dance floors and canoodling in the V.V.I.P. room. Murmurs about drugs and sex in other rooms. Sounds like the perfect place for a Hillary Rodham Clinton fund-raiser, huh?

ann lewis.jpgSpeaking only for ourselves, we'll pass on the chance to see Ann Lewis getting her groove on in a thong. But if she's joined on the dance floor by Senator Clinton -- who, haven't you heard, might be a lesbian!!! -- then we are so there.

More Hillary news after the jump.

In other Hillary developments, the New York Daily News reports:

The state of Bill and Hillary Clinton's union is apparently strong - at least judging by the mongo diamond that Hillary was sporting on her ring finger yesterday.

Sources say the former President quietly gave the iceberg-sized bling - thought to exceed 3 carats - to his wife months ago, in advance of their 30th wedding anniversary on Oct. 11 last year.

But the sparkling stunner is so big that the former First Lady has been nervous about wearing it and hasn't broken it out of her jewelry box on a regular basis until recently.

Three carats? For that kind of bling, Bill, you can have an affair with our intern! (Hope you're okay with that, Henry.)

Finally, we'd be remiss if we didn't pass along to you Maureen Dowd's latest column about Hillary. If you're a MoDo fan (and don't care about a Match Point spoiler), read it; if you hate MoDo and think she's a crazy shrew, skip it. Nobody's forcing you to read anything; it's up to you.

Clinton Shifts Party to New Club, Citing Size (Not Those Rumors) [NYT]

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