Hillarywatch: She Truly Is Possessed By Demons

It may not have been the WHCD. But over the weekend, the New York Legislative Correspondents Association held its annual dinner in Albany, and several boldface names were in attendance -- including the boldest and baddest name of them all, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Daily Politics describes the LCA dinner as New York State's version of the Gridiron or the Inner Circle. This year, the event featured "lots of bloggers taking pictures of one another and mostly of Hillary."

Here's the money quote from what Ben Smith describes as Senator Clinton's funny but "icy" monologue:

Some of you think people in public life have no feelings. We don't.... And if we ever did, by the time we got through with all of you, we can no longer afford them.

And here's photographic confirmation that Condoleezza Rice isn't the only one in need of an exorcism:

hillary%20clinton%20denise%20o%27donnell.jpgYes, the red-eye reduction feature was activated. Denise O'Donnell's eyes aren't red, are they?

LCA Diary: Hillary and the Press [The Daily Politics]

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