hillary clinton.jpgNow it's time for discussion of two subjects that nobody ever gets tired of: Hillary Clinton and gay marriage. Combine the two, and the fun will never end!

Ben Smith of The Politicker reports: "In an email to his board members obtained by The Politicker, [Alan Van Capelle], the head of New York State's leading gay rights group, describes Hillary Clinton as a 'disappointment' on same-sex marriage, and suggests gays and lesbians stop giving money to her campaign." Van Capelle cites Senator Clinton's "regrettable statements on the issue of marriage for same-sex couples," as well as "her current support for DOMA."

If you support same-sex marriage and want to take Hillary to task on this issue, hold on just a sec. There may be a good explanation for her position. A Wonkette reader sent us this message, purportedly about D.C. mayoral candidate Adrian Fenty:

[S]ame-sex attraction and transgender feelings are psychopathological, preventable, and treatable. They spring from faulty bonding and identification with the same-sex parent, starting during the critical period ages 18 months to five years....

Fenty has declared support for gay marriage. That's a no-no.... The only acceptable policy is ex-gay policy. Kids need therapy/family counseling for these conditions. The comparison with race is ridiculous.

Adrian Fenty has a fight on his hands -- with the ascending and ultimately victorious EX-GAY movement.

See? It's not that Hillary Clinton has anything against gays personally. She's just deathly afraid of that "ascending and ultimately victorious EX-GAY movement"!

Yes, the Republican Party is a formidable foe.

[Stage whisper: In case we forgot to mention it -- Hillary might be a lesbian!]

Gays Rebuff Hillary [The Politicker]


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