Hillbilly Koran-Burning Pastor Does New Insane Thing For Attention

Hillbilly Koran-Burning Pastor Does New Insane Thing For Attention

Florida swamp monster Terry Jones needs money. Or he has run out of sedatives. Or, and we're going to say this is the most likely one, he is feeling a little hard up these days, because he's about to get a complimentary body cavity exam from the Secret Service: He put some kind of racist art installation piece on the front lawn of his "Dove World Outreach Center" nut factory that depicts a dummy made up to look like Barack Obama hanging from a noose alongside a sign that reads, "Obama is Killing America." It's not a very good caption for this sculpture since Barack Obama seems more like the object rather than the subject of the sculpture, if it were a sentence, but the nation's illiterate racist contingent will probably get the meaning regardless.

Here is the photo, ugh:

And here is the official Terry Jones statement on this project, reflecting once more a somewhat alarming inability to construct consistent thoughts in English:

That is why we have now chosen the hanging of Hussein Obama to represent how the American people must, in a peaceful way, stand up and reject President Obama, reject his anti-American policies. It is time for us to stand up. It is time, again, for America to become America.

Enjoy your anal probe, Terry! [Addicting Info]


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