Hip-Hop Macaca

  • "For our purposes, the definition of hip-hop will be broader than it's typically constructed, and will include R&B, soul, certain electronic, or whatever else deemed appropriate by the author." [DCist]

  • "The Republican's move, coupled with former Governor George Allen's decision to sit out the race, leaves Attorney General Bob McDonnell uncontested for the GOP nomination." [WAVY10]

  • "Three nights ago, I yelled at a man throwing a beer bottle in our yard. He came back, picked it up, and then threw it on the other side of the street." [Prince of Petworth]

  • "I've received emails that many of the local area outlets are advertising hiring in case of a strike, something that at least one of the emails that I've received has taken issue with, as a form of 'intimidation.' Some have suggested that patrons of these stores support their local grocery workers in response and pledge not to cross picket lines." [Metroblogging DC]

  • "Shut up you idiot! Don't ever butt in my blog like this again, I didn't break any codes, smart women have known this for years! Now I have a story to tell, do you mind?" [Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie]

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