Hip Republicans: Make It Stop

parrrrr-teeeee!Hey, kids: Did you know that though you might think Republicans are "nerdy" or "boring" or "Puritanical," it turns out that they're really "cool" and "fashion-conscious" and "in-your-face!" It has to be true because it's in the National Review Online. And, yeah, legislating abstinence-only classes is, like, very hot! And the Patriot Act? Come on, it's spying on your neighbors! Soooo "Punk'd"!

Seriously, enough with the "hip Republicans" stories already. (We're looking at you, U.S. News.) They're like the Ugg boots of trend pieces! Really, they are: It's taking something very lumpy and square and making it sexy by sheer force of repetition. We'll believe that Republicans are hip when we see Anna Wintour standing in line to rub Karl Rove's shiny greased belly.

Oh, and don't get us started on the totally lame-o Democrats. The booger-eating exchange student in my 5th grade homeroom had more going on than Tom Daschle (D-SD). Pul-eeze.

Turning Right [NRO]

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