Wonkette Sky-Chopper-One pilot and operative "Trey K." sends us this live view of 14th and K NW, where maybe a couple of hundred of MoveOn/Anti-Capitalism protesters are demanding legislative changes to the financial reform bills. Can you feel the excitement? No? That's because it began raining and they all fled like rats. NOT VERY HARDCORE.

Mother Jones has this exciting report:

It didn't take long for the handful of irritated Bank of America employees to abandon their desks and make for the doors. Their office, a small Bank of America branch on Massachusetts Avenue, had been more or less taken over by a boisterous rally of 75 or so protesters from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the organizer behind two days' worth of Wall Street-themed protests in or near Washington.

Way to hassle some fucking bank clerks, ya clods.

We got some emails about this lamer protest and Newell was "going to get some cigarettes over there" but of course it is kind of raining, drizzling really, so it's best to stay out of the area. You could ruin your shoes if you stepped in a puddle! You could get head lice from a protester's blond dreads.

Wonkette editors did, however, monitor the situation by not paying very much attention to the television cable news with the sound almost turned off in the opposite corner of the newsroom, away from the people, and we thought the Bloomberg lady was talking about "civil unrest" on K Street (where there are law offices and lobbyist offices, BOO HISS), but she was talking about people actually getting killed for real on the streets of Bangkok, the end.


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