Hippocritico Makes a BIG Splash! (Because He Is a Hippo!)


  • Democrats own black people, like slaves, did you know? Except instead of just ordinary slave owners, all black people belong to Tim Kaine’s DNC Plantation. [RedState]
  • Al Gore’s poll numbers, like the glacial ice caps that so concern him, are melting away like a refused erection, stranding his career on a drifting piece of sea-ice until it dies a slow, cold death, like a baby seal or an erection. [DailyIntel, Gallup]
  • Another lefty media blog is going after the Palin children. When will they stop their rampage? Your refined editors at your Wonkette would NEVER do such a thing. [Gawker]
  • Breitbart introduces a new mascot and columnist, the adorable Hippo "Hippocritico" to finally tell the lamestream media what it’s doing wrong, which is not writing like Andrew Breitbart's Twitter. [BigGovernment]
  • Wait, NBC Washington actually did a video report from the Weeping Eagle Awards? [NBC Washington]

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